2. my favorite band is Craftwork

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    Ukiyoe Style - Lupin The Third by Takao Nakagawa / Facebook

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  6. wow my dad is being a great dad right now!  he just got a cease and desist letter because i downloaded zoo tycoon on his internet, and he said “why don’t we just buy it if you want to play it?” and when i thanked him for understanding he said “it’s probably pretty commonplace for this stuff to happen! reality is, who downloads these things and pays for them these days?”

    great dad

  7. look at how fucked up tumblr is, it’s recommending that i follow this blog based on its reblogging a groans post; meanwhile i’m already happily following groans, and ‘greathaircut’ is a severely fucked-up clown

    i am IRATE about this

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    Dwarf Fortress bug fixes are a goldmine

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  9. Evolution

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