1. serpentenema:


    my friend has this weird knockoff Winnie the Pooh blanket and it’s the most menacing thing i’ve ever seen

    Thats not honey

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  3. classic-art:

    Portrait of the Ferrara Court Jester Gonella

    Jean Fouquet, c. 1445

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  4. elizlizard:

    do it

    I hope Steven sees this

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  5. wetorturedsomefolks:

    why is menswear such a piss awfully boring field that the simple request of “a very long black cardigan” can only be served by ‘avant-garde’ designers? why is masculinity so fragile and why does my wardrobe have to suffer for it


  6. Internet acronyms your business-savvy child might be using

    • AYEPC (At Your Earliest Possible Convenience)
    • FT2K (Forward This to Karen)
    • H2PUMS (I Have to Pick Up My Son)
    • RP2K16 (Rand Paul 2016)
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