1. The Policeman



    Here we see the policeman busying himself with a common policeman activity: directing traffic flow using his body and hands. Yes, who among us has ever gone a week without encountering this delightful group activity? One could say that the policeman is most well known as a facilitator of traffic safety. His role is to benignly guide people about their day.

    Note the way the policeman uses only his arms and body to perform his function. This is symbolic of his personal duty to the community as the embodiment of self-discipline, knowledge of right and wrong, and upkeep of civility.

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    me a big boy. me like truck. me like rock and roll. me like PUISSY!!!!! 


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    i googled “why do cats run around and meow at night” and one of the results listed this as a cause:


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    Greetings, dear listener. We crafters of radio horror here at the Spectral Citadel are proud to present: “Wolves”


    Written by Steven Glavey

    The Baroness Eleonora Andrassy Draskovic ……….. Margaret Powers

    Greta ………………………………………………………………. Steven Glavey

    The Baron Rudolf Draskovic ……………………………… Matthew DeCostanza

    Long ago and in the frozen realm of Styria, a young girl journeys to commence a contract of service within the ragged and ancient Castle Draskovic — there to cater to the whims of that fortress’s mistress, the Baroness Eleonora. Though at first her time in the castle is pleasant enough, things take a dire turn upon the long-awaited return of the Baroness’s noble brother, Rudolf, from the field of battle. Caught within the inescapable net of the siblings’ furious rivalry, Greta finds a wolf in every shadow, a threat in every glance, and the terrible truth behind an ancient curse on the crumbling House of Drakovic.

    We here at the Spectral Citadel hope you will enjoy this frightening foray into the bizarre, spirit infested, European east and, mayhap, will follow us here, on facebook, listen live to our new shows on Purchase College’s student radio, WPSR, or visit us on our website, where you may listen to this episode and many others.

    A very tragic and emotional radio play, a grand guignol, a phantasmagoria

    (I play one of the three characters: I am doing an impression of Gary Oldman’s Dracula)